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Customized Pot Light Installation and Breaker Panel Replacement

Cobalt Electrical Services in Mississauga, Ontario, our comprehensive approach to enhancing the utility and value of your home or business location include both breaker panel replacement and pot light installation. We help you save money in the end and create an attractive new look for your home with our installation and renovation services. Our team can boost the power in your home to support the modern comforts and conveniences you deserve.

Electrician Working in Breaker Box

Panel Upgrades

For clients that live in some of the older homes around our area, many of the modern electronic devices and kitchen appliances require more amps than the existing system is able to deliver. Aging fuse panels and interior wiring are often in need of replacement, and our team has the tools and the talents required for these renovations.

Complete Replacement
We offer replacement wiring and panel upgrades including the transition from fuse panels to breakers. Our electricians can also upgrade the amps in your establishment from 100 to 200 and more depending on your requirements. When you are tired of having issues with your aging system our remodeling team has the solution.

Modern Convenience
Our installation team can modernize all the lighting and kitchen fixtures in your home and even install the wiring needed for hot tubs. We have extensive experience with a wide variety of panel upgrades and a creative approach to lighting installations. You can't trust the safety and value of your home to just any group of contractors. We are dedicated to providing an approach that adds lasting value and style to your home.

Trendy Lights
We can create and install a wide range of customized lighting schemes including the new LED pot lights. In addition to indoor and outdoor lighting installation, we also deliver upgrades from regular pot lights to the more efficient and attractive LED lights. We can help you create a new and vibrant look for every room in your home with our affordable approach to installation and lighting repairs.

Contact our master electricians for services like breaker panel replacement and pot light installation.