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Cost-Effective Repairs

Eliminate the major and minor wiring and
lighting issues that plague your establishment
with reliable commercial electrical maintenance
and comprehensive residential repairs.

Essential Upgrades

When you are ready to bring the electrical
system in your home or office into the 21st
century, we deliver the services you need including breaker panel replacement and installation.

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Proudly Serving Customers within a
50-Kilometer Radius of the City of Kingston.

Learn about Cobalt Electrical Services

Cobalt Electrical Services in Mississauga, Ontario, helps you power today's modern technology while saving you money every month with the help of our integrated staff of electrical contractors and licensed electricians. We are consistently focused on meeting the distinct needs of both residential and commercial clients, while offering the best value available on electrical installation and repairs.

With the cost of energy constantly in flux, it's more important than ever to modernize the electrical system that powers your home or business establishment. We have the resources and experience required for large residential projects like kitchen upgrades as well as regular commercial maintenance. You need breaker panels capable of handling the increased amps needed to power today's modern devices while remaining energy efficient at the same time.

In addition to system installation and repairs, we also help you re-imagine the look and feel of your home with innovative options for LED lighting. We can help make it easier to relax after a long day of work with a power system for your new hot tub. Our team also helps your business maintain a professional and consistent look with light bulb replacement and other commercial services.

Both first-time homeowners and long-standing members of the business community can benefit from the affordable approach offered by our company and the team of electricians on our staff. We help resolve your issues and we get the job done right the first time.

Contact our team of electrical contractors and licensed electricians for installation and repair work you can count on.